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Swarm City FAQ  

Swarm City Project

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What is Swarm City? A global community building a decentralized app built on the Ethereum blockchain to provide open marketplaces for the exchange of services between peers
Who is behind the Swarm City product development? Business & Tech Team and the Advisors  
Is the Swarm City app ready to use for ridesharing? No, that feature will be available in the second release, Boardwalk, coming soon. At this time, you can use the Terminal to create a profile, exchange ARC to SWT, and send/receive SWT
How are people using Swarm City for ridesharing before it’s available in the app? Join your local Facebook Swarm City #needaride group. Post #needaride and meet others in your area. One of your peers will respond to the post. The 2 parties can negotiate the rest, #done
Will the Swarm City app be downloadable in the playstore? No, we have decided against listing the Swarm City app in the Google or Apple playstores. We are creating a Decentralized App (DApp), we do not want to create limitations to suit Google or Apple guidelines.
What is a DApp? Decentralized Apps (DApps) are a new type of software program designed to exist on the Internet in a way that is not controlled by any single entity. No central servers, no data collection.
Is the Swarm City DApp open source? Yes, Swarm City is an open-source P2P web application platform, providing decentralized, privacy-preserving software which keeps users in control of their own content. Github
Where can I find the project roadmap? This Medium article best describes the long term vision of the project Unmistakably Swarm City
How do I join? Visit the Terminal to create a user profile and a digital wallet
How do I find other locals? Facebook Swarm City #needaride groups
How do I get active in the community? Slack, Twitter, Medium, Github, YouTube, Facebook, and any other place you think the swarm might have landed just search Swarm City
What types of services will be offered on the platform? We will begin by featuring ridesharing, and move from there into other services, such as SwarmBnb, babysitting, dog walking, car repair
Can users use any form of payment? Yes and no. Only SWT will be exchanged in the Swarm City ecosystem. However, users can start the transaction with any form of payment, and it will be automatically converted to SWT to complete the transaction behind the scenes.
Where can I access the official logo files? Github swarm.city branding

Swarm City Tokens (SWT)

Question Answer
What is a Swarm City Token (SWT)? The SWT is a utility token used to pay for transactions in the Swarm City ecosystem
How do I get SWT? The best way to buy SWT is from an exchange. Bittrex, Etherdelta, Changelly, or ShapeShift
How can I view my SWT balance using etherscan? Go to the SWT ERC 20 contract > Filter by: “add your SWT wallet public address > APPLY
Where can I check the current value of SWT? Login to your wallet in the Terminal and click on your SWT balance to view the current value of your tokens or visit Coinmarketcap
Why do I need to exchange tokens? For the benefit of this project it was necessary to fork the brand from Arcade City to Swarm City. However, we wanted to make sure the brand fork did not impact Arcade City token owners. The last step to completing our rebranding process is upgrading our token to the ‘Swarm City Token’ (SWT)
What can I use SWT for? The Swarm City ecosystem will run on SWT
Why the brand fork? There are 2 key reasons for the brand fork, the ARC symbol was already in use by some other coins and the previous token contract cannot be renamed and would not have suited the new branding
When can I start the exchange process? You can start the exchange anytime, enter here
Is there a time limit on exchanging ARC to SWT? There is no time limit on performing the conversion. This functionality will be permanently available in our contract
What is the exchange rate? This is a 1:1 token exchange
Where do I go to exchange my previously purchased ARC for SWT? You will start the exchange by going to the Swarm City Terminal, enter here
Is there any way I can I exchange ARC tokens for SWT without using the Terminal swap feature? Yes, the easiest way is to use the Terminal but users can perform the exchange manually, find directions here
How do I exchange the ARC tokens that are in MyEtherWallet? You will need to import your MyEtherWallet to the Terminal by pasting the private key. You will be guided through the token exchange process, which should only take a few minutes to execute. Once done, you can always watch the SWT on your MyEtherWallet account as well as in the Terminal
Can I send ARC directly from MyEtherWallet to the SWT contract? No, to exchange from ARC to SWT you will have paste to your private key from myether wallet to Terminal and use the exchange tool in Terminal. Once complete, you will be able to view your SWT on your MyEtherWallet account as well as in the Terminal
How do I exchange ARC tokens purchased with the previously released ARC wallet? Enter here and follow the steps to import your ARC wallet into the Terminal. You will be guided through the token exchange process, which should only take a few minutes to execute
Where can I view and store my SWT after the exchange? Upon entry to the Terminal, all users create a digital wallet. This wallet is used to view, store, send and receive the tokens you own
When/How can I use my SWT? The Swarm City Token (SWT) has been created to function within the Swarm City environment. SWT will be exchanged as the only form of payment within the app
How can I trade SWT with other users? The SWT will be listed on exchanges, where anyone can offer or buy tokens. In the more distant future, users can easily buy tokens from USD, EUR and other fiat currencies on our in-app exchange.
Can I mine SWT? No, you can’t mine SWT
How many SWT will be minted? The total number of SWT in circulation will be determined by how many ARC tokens get converted to SWT. If only 5,000,000 ARC tokens are converted into SWT, there will only be 5,000,000 SWT in circulation. Most notably there will be no extra tokens minted. A total of 9,525,397.921984591306133876 ARC tokens were minted, so at most only 9,525,397 SWT can ever be minted. This number includes the 16% tokens minted in addition to the ARC token sale.
Will there be a Swarm City ICO? No, there will not be a Swarm City ICO. The amount of SWT created through the token exchange will be the maximum ever created
What happens to ARC tokens that are exchanged for SWT? The ARC tokens will be destroyed immediately by being sent to a burning address 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000
What happens with the Ether that was raised through the Arcade City token sale? We have brand forked, but we are still actively developing the product as described in the token sale Whitepaper. Therefore, we will continue to use the ether for building the sharing economy platform. You can also follow the progress of the project in the Swarm City Medium channel.
I don’t want SWT, how can I get an ether refund for what I spent buying ARC tokens? We will not refund ether, but you can sell ARC token one of these decentralized exchanges: Bittrex, Etherdelta, Changelly, or ShapeShift
I missed the token sale, but I do want SWT, how can I buy tokens now? The SWT will be listed on exchanges, where anyone can offer or buy tokens. Bittrex, Etherdelta, Changelly, or Shapeshift. In the future, users will easily buy tokens from USD, EUR and other fiat currencies on our in-app exchange.
Where can I view the original project whitepaper? Token sale whitepaper, published during the ICO in November 2016
Is there a more technical updated whitepaper? Yes, the Token exchange whitepaper was published by the project developers after the name brandfork in January 2017
How do I view the ERC-20 token contract? Visit Etherscan to monitor the SWT ERC-20 token contract

If you didn’t find the answer you are looking for contact us at support@swarm.city